Thomas Page

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1 Thomas Page b. Abt. 1706 Kelsale, Suff., Eng. b. 15-Feb-1774 Blythburgh, Suffolk, England

         m. Ann b. Abt. 1716 Kelsale, Suff., Eng. bur. 18-Feb-1772 Blythburgh, Suffolk, England.

2. F Elizabeth Page b. Abt. 1738 Kelsale, Suff., Eng.

2. F Mary Page b. Abt. 1740 Kelsale, Suff., Eng.

2 M Thomas Page b. 1747 Carlton, Suffolk, England c. 13-Nov-1747 Kelsale, Suffolk, England Bur. 22-Jul-1802 Kelsale, Suffolk, England

2 F Ann Page b. 1742 c. 2 Mar.1742 Kelsale, Suffolk, Eng.

2 F Sarah Page b. 1743 c. 21 Mar.1743 Kelsale, Suffolk, Eng.

m. Benjamin Elmy (AFN:BD93-FQ) 25-Dec-1765

Benjamin Elmy b. Abt. 1739 Kelsale, Suffolk, Eng

2. F Martha Page b. 1745 c. 21-Feb-1745 Kelsale, Suffolk, Eng.

2. F Susannah Page b. 1749 c. 10-Oct-1749 Kelsale, Suffolk, Eng.

2. F Bridget Page b. 1751 c. 8-Jul-1751 Blythburgh, Suffolk, Eng.

2. F Rebecca Page b. 1752 c. 6-Dec-1752 Blythburgh, Suffolk, Eng.

2. M James Page b. 1754 c. 21-Apr-1754 Blythburgh, Suffolk, Eng. Bur. 29-Dec-1754

2. F Hannah Page b. 1757 c. 27-Mar-.1757 Blythburgh, Suffolk, Eng. d. 25-Sep-1757

2.. M John Page b. 1758 c. 27-Aug-1758 Blythburgh, Suffolk, Eng. Bur. 27-May-1759

2.. M Samuel Page b. 1760 c. 22-Jun-1760 Blythburgh, Suffolk, Eng.

2.. F Hannah Page b. c. 17-Aug-1755 Blythburgh, Suffolk, Eng. Bur. 11-Apr-1756

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