This page is the home of the Trinham family in Greensborough Victoria Australia.

Storage For Rent provides details of a unit that may be available for rent.

Software Change Management is a book that Philip is writing sporadically.

The Trinham Family Worldwide is a summary work sheet of family genealogy for previous generations. As far as we know all people bearing the name today are part of this one family group. We plan to include photographs, maps, background information and the stories of people now living as we get opportunity

The main purpose of this site is really for Philip's education. The site is hosted at home and getting an internet savvy system up and running has been a real [buzz | challenge | headache].


Site Topics

This link leads to details of a two story storage unit available for rent.
This link leads to the text of the book which is somewhat unfinished.
John Trenholm(e) became John Trinham in 1795 and started a new family, ours.
Is Philip worth hiring?


Contacting Us

Each member of the family has their own email address.


Please note that this site is hosted over a modem connection, which means the best you can expect is now unrestricted.