Descendants of Henry White

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1 Henry White b. Abt 1707 Avening, Gloucester, Eng.

2. Henry Weight b. C1707 Avening, Gloucester, England.

m. 4-Jun-1759 Avening, Gloucester, England. Sarah Barnfield b. 1735 Christening: 10-Oct-1735 Avening, Gloucestershire, England. bur. 5-Oct-1790 Avening, Gloucester, England.F. Edmund Barnfield. M. Elizabeth Sparrow

3. Hannah Weight (Waight) b. 1756. c. 11-May-1760

m1. John Clifford 19-Nov-1781

m2. Thomas Ludlow b. 1752 c. 13-May-1752 Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England. d. 6-Oct-1799 Helder, Holland

3 Sarah Waight (Weight) b. 1762 c. 7-Nov-1762 Avening, Gloucestershire, England

3 Betty Weight b. 1765 c. 26-May-1765 Avening, Gloucestershire, England

3 Thomas Wait (Weight) b. 1768 c. 16-Oct-1768 Avening, Gloucestershire, England

3 James Wait (Weight) b. 1768 c. 10-Nov-1771 Avening, Gloucestershire, England Avening, England

3 Henry Waight (Weight) b. 1776 c. 31-May-1776 Avening, Gloucestershire, England.

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