Descendants of Thomas Ludlow

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1 Thomas Ludlow b. 1752 c. 13-May-1752 Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England. d. 6-Oct-1799 Den Helder, Holland

m1. Spouse: Susannah Fearly (AFN: VLXV-0L) 17-Jun-1773

m2 Hannah Weight 18-Jul-1791 Avening, Gloucestershire, England

b.Abt 1756 Of, Avening, Gloucestershire, Eng. c. 11-May-1760 Avening, Gloucestershire, Engl.

f. Henry Weight (AFN: 247C-7R) M. Sarah Barnfield(AFN: 247C-8X)

2 John Ludlow b. 15-Nov-1796 Ashford, Kent, Eng (1851 Census). c. 18-Nov-1796 Ashford, Kent, Eng. d. 20-Dec-1871 St. James Road, Halifax, Yorkshire, (LDS Ancestral File).


Note: In 1851 Census shows for John Ludlow, 52, Ag. Lab. Old Hill Avening birth place as being Ashford, Kent, England also Mary his wife, 52, Woollen Cloth Worker, birth place Avening, GLS. Living with them was Ellen 3, Granddaughter, b. Avening GLS, George, 15, unmarried, son, Ag. Lab., born Avening GLS, Harriet, daughter, 15, Woollen Cloth Joiner, born Avening GLS and Thomas, 3, grandson, born Avening GLS.


m. 7-Sept-1817 Mary Mathews c. 19-Nov-1797 Avening, Gloucestershire, England d.5-Sep-1872 bur. 8-Sep-1872 Avening, Gloucester, England

3 Thomas Ludlow c. 5-Jul-1818 Avening Gloucestershire Eng.


Note: 1851 Census; Ag. Lab. living in Hampton Field with wife Harriet 33. B. Avening.


3 Nathaniel Ludlow b.17-Jun-1821 Avening Gloucestershire Eng. d. 1893. m. Mary Ann Niblett 18-Jun-1840.

3 Hannah Ludlow c. 1-Jul-1821 Avening Gloucestershire. M. William Dyer 21-Aug-1843

3 Daniel Saunders Ludlow b. Mar-1823 Avening Gloucestershire Eng.


Note: 1851 Census shows Daniel, 28 Ag. Lab. Living in Hyde GLS, born Avening, GLS with his wife Mary, 29, Dress Maker, born Avening GLS and Emma, 10 months b. Minchinhampton GLS.


3 James Ludlow b. 1824 Avening Gloucestershire Eng.


Note: 1851 Census shows James, 26, Ag. Lab. living in Hampton Field, born Avening GLS together with his wife, Fanny, 26, born Avening GLS, together with children Ellin, 4; Thomad, 3; and Worthy a son, age 1. All born Avening.


3 John Ludlow b. 25-Oct-1826 Avening Gloucestershire Eng m. 2-May-1849 Mary Ann Underhill, Tetbury.


Note: Both 1826 and 1829 given in IGI as C dates.


3 William Ludlow b. 1828 c. 7-Dec-1828 Stroud (Old Hill, Avening), Gloucestershire, England d. 13-Oct-1879 Hawthorn, Melbourne, Australia (Ancestral File No: 247C-G0)

m1 10-Oct-1849 Avening, Gloucestershire, England Elizabeth (Nee Pullen) Godfrey b. 1828 Gloucestershire England d. 19-Nov-1865 Melbourne Australia


Note: 1851 Census shows William, 22 living in Hyde GLS, Ag. Lab. Born Avening GLS, together with his wife Eliza, 22, born Avening GLS.


m2 26-Sep-1867 Christ Church Lower Hawthorn Victoria Jane Downton b. 1838 Shropshire England d. 26-Jan-1879 50 Lion St. Hawthorn, Victoria Australia.

4 Elizabeth Ludlow b. C1850 Avening, Gloucestershire, England.

4 Sarah Ann Ludlow b. C1852 Minchinhampton, Gloucestershire, Eng.

4 George Ludlow b. C1853 Minchinhampton, Gloucestershire, Eng.

4 Louisa Ludlow b. C1856 Avening, Gloucestershire, England.

m. 3-Jun-1875 Melbourne Australia Thomas Henry Grant

4 Matilda Ludlow b. 1860 ? Australia

4 Alice Ludlow

4 Maude Ludlow

4 Mary Ludlow

4 Eliza Jane Ludlow

4 Thomas Ludlow

4 Emma Ludlow b. 22-Jul-1875 Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia d. 3-Sep-1931

m. 10-Oct-1900 Emma's home, Pakenham, Vic. Congregational Thomas Perry Trinham b. 23-Sep-1873 Sandridge, Melbourne Victoria, Australia.


Note: Emma was born to William Ludlow and Jane Downton


3 Charlotte Ludlow c. 6-Oct-1833 Avening Gloucestershire

3 George Ludlow c. 9-Aug-1835 Avening Gloucestershire

       3 Harriet Ludlow c. 25-Dec-1839 Avening Gloucestershire 

2 George Ludlow b.1803 c. 15-Jun-1803 Cam Gloucestershire

2 Daniel Ludlow b.1807 c. 30-Aug-1807 Cam Gloucestershire (See William)

2 William Ludlow b.1807 c. 30-Aug-1807 Cam, Gloucestershire (See Daniel)

2 Hannah Ludlow b.1812 c. 1-Mar-1812 Cam, Gloucestershire (See Hester)

2 Hester Ludlow [CO26131 4004] b.1812 c. 1-Mar-1812 Cam, Gloucestershire (See Hannah)


Note: Strays: The following two persons are listed in the IGI. If they are issue of Mary Matthews then she would be 57 years at the christening. Either they are adult christenings, or they are probably issue of John Ludlow Jnr. and Mary Ann Underhill.


3 Charles Ludlow b. 1854 Avening Gloucestershire)

3 Emma Ludlow b. 1854 Avening Gloucestershire ) check details.

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