Avening Families and the Ludlow Clans

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Avening and its surrounding area is the historic home of a number of families contributing to the Australian branch of the Trinham family deriving from the marriage of Thomas Perry Trinham to Emma Ludlow. They are:

Nathaniel Sparrow      m.1700             Mary Carpenter

1654 Avening, Gls      Beverstone Gls     1679 Beverstone Gls

-1719 Avening, Gls          ↓              -1748 Avening, Gls



Edmund Barnfield        m. 1702           Sarah Stringer           ↓

1676 Avening, Glos      Gls               Minchinhampton C1678     ↓

-1750 Avening, Gls                        1718 Avening, Glo        ↓


      ↓                                                            ↓

Edmund Barnfield        m. 1731           Elizabeth Sparrow <<<<<<<

C1709 Avening, Gl                         Avening, Gl

-1773                                     -1773 Avening

Son of                                          ↓

Henry Weight            m. 1759           Sarah Barnfield

C1707 Avening Gls                         1735 Avening Gls

                                          -1790 Avening Gls


1 Thomas Ludlow         m2. 1791          Hannah Weight

1752 Tetbury, Gls,                        1756 Avening, Gls

-1799 Helder, Holland



   ↓    Nathaniel Saunders         m.             Sarah

   ↓    1697 Avening, Gl                          C1701

   ↓         ↓

   ↓    Daniel Saunders            m.1756,        Sarah Hewse

   ↓ C1723 Avening, Gls         Avening, Gls   C1735 Avening, Gls

   ↓ -1766 Avening, Gls                              ↓

   ↓                                                    ↓

   ↓    William Mathews            m 1788         Miriam Saunders

   ↓ C1771 Minchinhampton       Avening,       1759 Avening, Gls

   ↓                               Gls            -1829 Avening, Gls


   ↓                                 >>>>>>>>>


2 John Ludlow           m 1817            Mary Mathews

1796 Ashford, Kent                        C1797 Avening, Gls

-1871, Halifax, Yks                       -1872 Avening, Gls


3 William Ludlow        m2. 1867          Jane Downton

1828 Stroud, Old Hill,  Hawthorn Vic      Shropshire

-1879 Hawthorn Vic      1838              -1879 Hawthorn, Vic


4 Emma Ludlow,          m.-1900           Thomas Perry Trinham

1875 Hawthorn Vic       Pakenham,         1873 Sandridge Vic


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A pretty English Village


Avening is a parish in the hundred of Longtree, two miles south of Minchinhampton and two miles north of Tetbury. The rivulet Avon arising from a collection of springs at Aston Hill winds through the parish. Avening probably derives it’s name from the stream with the Danish ‘ing’ being a low meadow ground. It is three quarters tilled ground and the remainder in pasture with 400 acres of beech woodland. The soil is light with fossil stone one foot below the surface. These people were in the main Agricultural Labourers.

The church is dedicated to St. Mary but conducts a festival of the Holy Cross on 14th September. It is Norman style constructed with a transept which is unusual in this County, a low tower in the middle and five bells and a small aisle attached to the nave. The style is similar to that in Minchinhampton.


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