Software Change Management

- The Incomplete Reference

Software Change Management is a specialty which most people know nothing about, but with which most IT professionals come in regular contact at one level or other. The job of an SCM practitioner is to help software developers to streamline their effort, while raising the integrity of the end product. This is generally acheived by implementing controls, audit, and standards into the process of software development and maintenance. If you know something about the Software Development Life Cycle, Change Migration, Test Cycles, and Approver Sign-off then you know something about SCM. If you are not so sure about Environment Management, Installation Co-ordination, User Acceptance, and Release Packaging, then you perhaps know a little less. The only certainty is that there are plent more buzz words.

The text is divided into books, chapters, and sections; which are hypertext linked in a structured way. The first book is half written, the second has all of the sections defined, but is otherwise empty, and the rest is dimly outlined. It is currently only available as html and is divided into three web pages. The first page provides access to all sections and identifies roughly when each section was written. The other web pages each contain the text of a whole book. When the text of a page becomes excessive, it will be further sub-divided to improve download. If anyone would like to correct Philip on his spelling, grammar, accuracy, truth, intelligence, relevance, then please do. Please note that the text is protected under Copyright (c) 2000-2001 by Philip Trinham. It may be copied in whole or in part on the condition that the original source is acknowleged together with that copy. Philip would also appreciate being notified when the text has been useful.


Software Change Management

The contents listing of the book which is somewhat unfinished.
Book 1 - Discusses the why of SCM, product selection, and will provide an overview of normal facilities.
Book 2 - EMPTY - Will discuss the roles of people involved in the SDLC.
  • Technical Reference
Book 3 - undefined - Will discuss the processes surrounding SCM.
  • Advanced facilities
Book 4 - undefined - Will discuss the bleeding edge of SCM.
  • Textbook relationships
Book 5 - undefined - Will provide various addenda.


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